Apr 22 2014

Tony Caruana radio interview about ACT skateparks

Click HERE for Tony Caruana’s 6 minute interview on ABC666 radio today (mpeg4 3.2mb)

Today, Local Canberran skateboarder Tony Caruana and some others met with Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) Directorate about ACT’s skateparks. The meeting was positive and the issue has been clearly highlighted that skateparks need to be looked at differently.

Tony’s ABC666 interview occurred shortly after. Tony talks of the skatepark community establishing regular contact to assist and educate TAMS on skatepark best practice maintenance, including graffiti removal. Tony outlines that the power and lighting issues are being resolved for Woden’s Eddison Park skatepark.

He discusses that skateparks are health positive public places with great social capital as per WA University’s recent research.

Tony also outlines the CSIRO megatrends report in that skateboarding is the future of sport and

also the project to develop Australia’s first national Skatepark Guideline by Skateboarding Australia, something that is sorely needed.

Apr 16 2014

Skateparks get a good behaviour tick


University of Western Australia – Dr Lisa Wood.

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have found that skate parks are actually more likely to promote  – yet skate parks are often under threat from community opposition because of fears that  who congregate at them will engage in anti-social behaviour.

The researchers’ community survey found that young people cooperate, learn from, teach, help and respect others, socialise with friends and take turns more often than they engage in anti-social behaviour at skate parks.

The researchers write that despite its popularity, skateboarding often suffers negative associations and there has been far less attention given to the positive pro-social behaviours that go on at skate parks.

“Yet skate parks are in fact a powerful setting in which young people can learn the arts of cooperation, negotiation and compromise informally, in contrast to via the structured rules of organised sports,” lead author Associate Professor Wood said.

“The growing need for autonomy during adolescence encourages teenagers to spend more time away from home, but where do they go?” the researchers write. “As playgrounds cater to younger children, groups of adolescents using parks and public places are often stereotyped as being ‘up to no good’. While recognising that skate parks don’t meet the needs of all young people, there are few other community spaces where they can ‘hang out’.

“Australian data indicates the youth participation in skateboarding, in-line skating, rollerblading and scooting is now close to exceeding participation in organised sports.”

The researchers focussed on a small suburban skate park in a central suburb of Perth and developed an online survey in which the almost 400 respondents reported pro-social behaviours more often than anti-social ones.

Apr 15 2014

Nike x SbA Am Titles Belco 3 May

What: Australian Amateur Skateboarding Championships – ACT Qualifier 

When & Where: Belco Skatepark on Saturday 3 May, 2014. 

Winners in both Junior and Open divisions get a free ticket to the national final being held in Melbourne on 18 October. For the first time ever, the Australian Champion Open Division winning skateboarder will have a ticket to the world’s largest Amateur Skateboarding Event – the Tampa Am.

Belco Qualifer event – $2000 total prizemoney, $1000 for the Open division winner.



  • Junior’s 14 & Under 0 9am, cut off 10.30am
  • Opens cut off 12pm 

This a FREE to enter event.



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Belco Skatepark INFO

Address: 77 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617
Google Map Ref:

‘Belco Skatepark’ Facebook:

Apr 4 2014

12th April @ Belco! Youth Week!

Full info: http://sba.org.au/Blog/belconnen

Apr 1 2014

SHIFTY’S – Edwin Flynn, Welcome to the Team!

Young Edwin Flynn is well deserved of being put onto the Shifty’s team – if you’ve seen him skate Belco, he kills it! Here’s a recent flick of him at the Belco Best Trick Comp by Vagabond and the welcome clip.

Mar 30 2014

Threat to disconnect power at Eddison Park Woden Skatepark

ACT Government have placed this sign at Woden Skatepark after both the powerboxes, and more recently, the lighting tower fuse box have been tampered with. They are two separate issues.

- Unfortunately the lights were out at Woden skatepark (and a number of other Canberra skateparks) for some months without action even when reported. The lights at Woden are functioning again, but have since been problematic with their operation which could have lead to someone breaking and accessing the fuse box to adjust the timers.

- The power boxes being damaged to access them (e.g. to charge mobile phones) is more frequent.

It would be a shame if the actions of a few effects the whole community that use Eddison Park skatepark. During the shorter daylight hours, lights enable night time access for a huge user group at Canberra’s skateparks. Belconnen and Woden are the two most heavily utilised skateparks with lighting, although Tuggeranong, Weston Creek and Civic are also well used.



*It should be noted that the ACT Government does not have a standard repairs and maintenance budget for their skateparks or a strategy to prevent minor issues from becoming trivial due to a lack of finances, such as this one. The Canberra Skateboarding Association is doing its best to support the ACT Government with education and awareness raising of skatepark best practise. Again, this is a demonstrated example of why National Skatepark Guidance is required.

Mar 27 2014

Floyd Scott – New Gen of the Year 2014!

Canberra Local Floyd Scott of the Dad Cam fame and nominated by the ladies as Australia’s ‘Dreamboat’ male skateboarder has now won Slam’s New Gen of the year for 2014. This is testament to Floyd’s good-natured attitude and shredding prowess on a skateboard.

Slam’s 2014 SOTY and New Gen winners show that Canberra is very capable of producing awesome skateboarding talent, and is massively on the map as a skateboarding destination world-wide. Well done Floyd! (Photo: Floyd – Backsmith at Young, Vagabond Pic).

Mar 21 2014

Jack Fardell – 2014 Skater of the Year

Canberra claims Jack as one of their own even though he’s originally from Queanbeyan! Jack has had a killer year  and this is massively well deserved. A huge well done and congratulations from all the CBRMY Jack. You definitely earned it!


Mar 21 2014

StreetWise @ Tuggers 10am tomorrow

Mar 13 2014

Weston Creek Skatepark (Upgrade?) and Weston Master Planning

Weston Group Centre has been undergoing consultation as part of the Master Planning process for a few years.

The Weston Creek skatepark was constructed in 2000. It’s now 14 years old and has been sandblasted/pressure washed so the riding surface for skateboarding is average and slow. The elements within the skatepark are becoming dated. It could certainly benefit from some additions and improvements.

The skatepark is included in the Master Planning area, but the focus is primarily the Group Centre. It is unclear if there will be any upgrades to the skatepark at this stage.The Preliminary Master Plan FactSheet outlines the goals for the next 10 years and further – there is no specific detail of the skatepark although the surrounds are mentioned.

Where are we at?

ACT Government are currently finalising a draft master plan which is anticipated for release in the first part of 2014.

Go and have your say at: http:www.act.gov.au/weston
or email: westongroupcentre@act.gov.au

The following photos of Weston Creek Skatepark were taken in 2013 by Luke Brown.